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Our Founder & CEO

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Kayla Walsh- Founder & CEO:

Kayla Walsh is the Founder and CEO of ISC Health.

After many years of extensive leadership training, she decided to launch a health program that would promote balanced lifestyles. The program creation began about 8 years ago when Kayla noticed a significant need for such a program after being included in many opportunities where she experienced a similar theme in each: people focus so much on giving, they forget to give to themselves. With her experience in Healthcare, Music, Education&Coaching, Leadership Programs, Public Speaking, Independent Business Ownership, Travel, Multi-Government Relationship Development and more, she brings a diverse background into her coaching sessions. As a wife and mother, she knows first hand how crazy life can get and is eager to share with others different outlets and other ways to care for yourself. Kayla has been a nominee for both the Alberta Women’s Entrepreneur Award (AWE) and the Avenue Top 40 under 40 Award, as well as a featured Woman in the A Woman A Day social media page for Virgin Radio.

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