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Live & Leave

People start thinking that because life happens the way it does, they have little ability to choose just exactly what happens during that life.

Sure, there are things in life that happen that are not preventable. Relationships come and go, death occurs, people move away, diseases and more, but what about in between all those unpreventable moments?

Those moments are where our choices lie prevalent.

So let’s talk about what our choices are.

When we don’t choose to live fully and presently every day, that’s what we call “letting life happen to us” instead of “us happening to life”. Sure, we can live life normally and quietly like that, but nothing will ever become of it.

But some people choose everyday to commit to a life they have curated for themselves.

There’s a funny saying about powerful women who choose life everyday: “When her feet hit the ground this morning, even the devil said “OH crap! She’s up’’! ”

Because she is about to happen to her life.

She is about to go out into her world and take control, make decisions and choose which path her life goes down.

People are going to try and tell her that she can’t do whatever she wants. People are going to try and tell her that she is never going to make it in whatever definition of success she has predetermined for herself, and people are going to try and tell her she definitely can’t do it on her own. Yet, here she is, waking up every morning with the explicit mindset to make S**t happen.

So who is she and how did she get here?

We are going to call her “Jane”.

Jane is a force to be reckoned with. She knows that every day is an opportunity once again to live and leave impact. Wherever she goes, she does just so; she leaves every place she graces with an extra ounce of positivity, grace, hope…

Jane is a firecracker. She is the kindest person in the room, regardless, but everyone can sense the fire. She is bright, fierce, eloquent, soft spoken and confident but simultaneously direct, inquisitive, and curious and full of heart. Everyone who meets Jane knows that she has a purpose that she is driven to fulfill, and they know that very little will impede her.

Why is Jane different from everyone else? Jane knows how to live and leave; live fully, and leave impact. She chooses in every possible moment to live true to herself and her values, and still find ways to show compassion, empathy, courtesy, and grace.

Why is Jane the example to follow? Jane is so many of us powerful women.

We get up every day and choose to live our lives for everyone else; our kids, partners, work, and other roles we play. Often we forget about Jane herself, and we forget about living consciously. Let this be your reminder that every day holds the choice to live and leave and it is up to you to fulfill that.

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