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The Barb-wired Moon

There is something that we all want. Some goal, some achievement, or some plan we have in mind that seems far away. Maybe it seems out of our reach, but it’s always there in the dark, back corners of our mind.

Those are our moon.

Far away but close enough just to see and get an interest in.

Between us and the moon is a lot of time, a lot of space, a lot of the little things, and some of the big things. Some are easy enough to brush away, but some are big and take time to move. Some things get in our way and are threatening, or take more time and effort and care to take down. These are our barb-wires.

The barb-wired moon is the perfect analogy for things that we want to reach for but have obstacles in our way that we need to overcome first.

We all have an idealist lifestyle but we need to start with the small things first, even if it’s something like learning to take care of ourselves.

Barbwire can be cut down, but it takes time and there are always a few scrapes or cuts as it gets displaced.

I love the phrase “shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”. It’s true for life in the sense that if we set high expectations for ourself, even if we don’t quite meet our own, chances are we’ve long surpassed everyone else’s expectations of us.

So no matter what gets in our way, we keep shooting for the moon every time because it’s there; it’s so close; we can see it; it light is an encouragement in the dark.

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