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Self Care isn't Selfish (Burnout)

Let’s clarify right away that self care isn’t selfish. Self care, as we’ve talked about before, isn’t about “ME FIRST” but rather “ME TOO”. Self care isn’t about pushing all responsibilities away to do something more ‘fun’ either. Self care is a daily check up that we do with ourselves to measure how we’re doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. This allows us to feel out where out personal battery is at, and what we need to do to recharge it. Some people find that a few minutes every day is enough to keep themselves in check.

Have you ever heard of burn out? Burn out is a primary example of poor self care. It’s true that a lot of the time, no one sees a burnout coming, hence the importance of regular self monitoring. Most of the time burnouts occur when someone is so preoccupied with something demanding (their job, a sick family member, or just too much going on at once). One key place we see burnouts happen is with Doctors working in hospitals, specifically in places like Emergency, Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, etc.). These Doctors are kept on their feet regularly, constantly racing around, chasing the clock, bouncing from patient to patient, and are expected to be at their peak mental capacity all the time. Even thinking about that is exhausting!

It’s not just doctors, nurses, and other career-oriented people that experience burnouts. Mom’s are another great role to refer to when looking at self care. Mom’s give and give, tirelessly, until they are all. worn. out. At any given moment, she could have to play 10 different roles at once! Say kiddo pukes all over the floor. Suddenly Mom is the laundromat, nurse, housekeeper, and the list goes on…..

We could keep going and pick on every single role where self care gets put on the back burner, but there are too many.

The purpose of Inspiring Self Care, is to give opportunity for people to force themselves to focus on the ME. Instead of looking after the “every”, we let people take a step back and focus on the “one”. Remember, you cannot pour into another person’s glass if your glass is empty!

Onwards and Upwards Always.


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