Retreat Modules and Workshops

Program Summary:

10 Modules with applications for Mental Health, Emotional Health and Physical Health

-Specified targets to maintaining all long-term health goals

-Develop Tools, Strategies and outlets for better Health/Life balance

-Material is applicable to everyone

Guest Specialist Workshops(5):

1 Musical Therapy Workshop with Musical Therapist

1 Sleep workshop with Sleep Expert

1 Intuitive Eating Workshop with Dietician

1 “Language of Mental Health” Workshop with Mental Health Expert

1 Bowen Technique Workshop -Women's physical health Expert


-Language of Health

-How our health influences our world

-When to say "yes" and how to say "no"

-Breakthroughs versus Breakdowns


-Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

-Finding your Why

-Iceberg Theory

-Good Enough

-Love/Trust/Gratitude etc.




-Goals & Visions

...and more!

Extra Incentives:

-Hosted by Azuridge Estate Hotel

-Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided on both days

-Each module & workshop delivered by local, powerful, expert women

-Ladies only retreat

-Perfect holiday gift for the ladies!

-Each registrant will receive a gift bag full of items from local businesses worth up to $400

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