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Lindsay Recknell-Expert in Hope

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

We are so excited that Lindsay Recknell is now a part of our amazing team! Her work aligns beautifully with the mission we as ISC Health, are out to accomplish! Allow us the privilege of introducing her:

Lindsay Recknell gets people talking, teaches self-awareness and brain science, and helps as many people as she can use hope to motivate positive change.


Lindsay Recknell is a speaker, facilitator and mental health advocate who has experienced the power of hope firsthand and used it to create positive change in her life. Her focus on hope – and the realization that hope can be a powerful motivator of action – came from a very personal journey, as caregiver to someone struggling with mental illness.

Lindsay is a results-oriented professional with diversified experience in communications, business analysis and reporting, project management, financials, sales presentation, people management, business process design, and facilitation strategies – all skills that complement her work as a certified Emergenetics Associate and expert in hope.

As a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Lindsay works with organizations to increase their levels of psychological health & safety in the workplace using the Science of Hope – evidence-based, practical tips and techniques to increase levels of hope within organizations by increasing hope levels in individuals. She empowers the individual, strengthens teams and transforms organizations through her Modelling Behaviour Out Loud and Language of Mental Health workshops as well as her Hope for Humans and Bucket List Builder programs. Lindsay lives in Calgary with her husband and their two Golden Retrievers.

contact Lindsay at:

Or, find her website through our mental health portal!

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