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Just 15 minutes?!

As you may have seen in our social media posts, and even in some of our blogs, we've been referring to "just 15 minutes" a fair bit. So here's a bit to explain that.

Self care is something you have to set aside time for. It's not something to be done "on the fly", while you're driving, or at work. Self care is something that requires time and effort in order to be effective.

As most of us can relate, everyone lives a ridiculously busy life these days. We're always on the move, whether to or from work, taking the kids to school or extracurriculars, making dinner for the family, etc., the list goes on. So we know that you cannot afford to take 2 hours to focus on yourself. We also know that giving yourself a whole 5 seconds in the day is what people do most often, and obviously, that's not working out so great. So we suggest 15 minutes. 15 minutes is enough to accomplish quite a bit, but avoids you from shorting yourself on the time you really need. This does not mean 15 minutes a week or month, either. This is 15 minutes per day. Maybe it's the last 15 minutes before you go to bed at night, or maybe it's the first 15 minutes of your day. Whenever you feel works best for you, it's important to commit to the WHOLE 15 minutes.

Once you do this for 21 days, it becomes a healthy habit. Read below what Forbes says about habit formation:


"All habits can be broken down into three basic components:

The Cue or Trigger: This is the part of the habit loop where you are triggered to take some sort of action through a cue in your internal or external environment.The Action: Good or bad, this is the part of the habit loop where you actually take action on the habit you want to adopt or drop.The Reward: This is the part of the habit loop where your brain receives a reward for taking the desired activity."


After you develop healthy habits, it's important to maintain them. We believe that 15 minutes is something you can easily commit to and STICK to! So from here on, schedule in that extra-important 15 minutes just for you!

~If you want to read more about habits and habit formation, below is the link to the FORBES site.~

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