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Helping the Hurting

It hurts to see someone hurting.

We all have our own “crap” to deal with, it’s true but it doesn’t stop us from feeling the hurt of someone else. When you see someone in uncontrollable tears and pain that’s beyond them, it’s brutal to watch. I think it leaves a mark on our hearts.

But what do you do?

1. you can ignore it. Obviously not the best option but sadly the most chosen. It’s easier to walk away than it is to stop and say “are you ok?”.

2. Ask them if they are ok and when they say “I’m fine” you take it as your cue to leave. Also a commonly chosen option but not the best.

3. The best option is to stop and talk to them. Make sure they’re ok and can get the help they need or help them find the right people. What are their options? And tell them they’re stronger than they think and that this struggle isn’t the end of the road, it’s simply the beginning of a journey.

Sometimes it’s ok to put your plans on hold to make sure someone else is safe, and cared for.

Kindness always comes back.

Seeing someone hurting isn’t easy and often their coping mechanisms don’t make it easier but it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we can help lighten the burden when we can and be supportive.

Just be nice.

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