News to Know

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This Month’s Wins:

  • Check out the YouTube video interview with our Founder, Kayla Walsh, and Kari Weber Young! The link is on all of our social media, and website.

  • We recently welcomed a volunteer to our community who is doing some exceptional work to support our clients and business! Emily is a psychology student here in Calgary, AB and will be hugely beneficial to our programs.

  • We are excited to be part of the Founder’s Circle of ASCIRA, the latest and greatest for marketing, personal growth & development, global education, and more. ASCIRA is truly an incredible platform of opportunity for the ISC Health programs as we work on becoming content providers for ASCIRA Academy. We’d love to tell you more, so feel free to reach out with questions about how to get involved!

  • Also, have you seen our new logo?! We just want to acknowledge Office Guardians and thank them for their beautiful design.


What Next?

  • ISC Health now offers a Health Consulting program for individuals and families. You spoke, we listened.

  • In the past, we also developed a Learning Assessment Tool, that helps parents and educators teach children in the most effective way for their child. It is now available to the public as we hope to support parents in light of there being no schools open at this time. Currently, we have over15 families using this tool and are open to sharing it with as many families that want access to it.

  • Our website, and specifically the COVID-19 support page, is full of factual, up to date information in order to help support your knowledge. All information is gathered from reliable, medical. sources.

  • We formally launched our Entrepreneur Program April 1st! Want to learn more? Contact us!


We're Growing!

Do you like to volunteer? 
We are looking for ambitious people that want to dedicate their time to helping us meet the demands of our growth! From administration tasks, and social media marketing, to grant applications, to event planning and more, there are many tasks to be done! If you love to help, or need volunteer hours, we'd love to chat!