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In light of the current world affairs, ISC Health wants to proactively support individuals that may be looking for a trusted resource to provide information, and support for all health needs.
*DISCLAIMER* All information provided on the ISC Health website is strictly to inform and not diagnose. For any health concerns, please see your physician, or call 811 to receive guidance for next steps.

Let's Address Fear:

We see numbers, we see SCARY numbers, and we see panic, shortages of relied-on resources, and we see a lot of stuff that makes us fear.
Our goal is help alleviate the stress and fear from current events, where we can. 
How do we address fear?
Watch video below.

Covid 19

Information & Resources

One of the best ways to address concerns is by providing, timing and accurate information from reliable sources, including front-line workers, WHO, NIH, and more.
Resources accessible to everyone.

Sharing Knowledge
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CNN just released a new article saying there could be a test that detects COVID-19 in approximately 45mins!


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COVID-19 Physician's Case Study

Follow the link to a trusted resource. This case study, published in medical journals, will provide you with a physician's insight to COVID-19.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

For access to the full case study, become a subscriber. 

Surgical Mask

COVID-19 and Children

Please use this video to help keep you informed. This video was created by a physician in the USA.


A Seattle MD's View on COVID-19

Thoughts from a physician in Seattle Washington.

Surgeon in Uniform